Re:Active T5 Super Thermo Slimming Pills

Super Thermo T5 Slimming Pills

T5 Slimming Pills – Super Thermo includes unique ingredientsT5 SLIMMING PILLS that assists in specific fields of weight loss. This formula was well designed programs to be a balanced and complete weight loss formula, and addresses the three imperative areas of weight loss- Re: Active T5 Slimming Pills Super Thermo acts as a Metabolism Enhancer, an Energy Booster and a Fat Burner.

If you use this product you will get following benefits:

  • This is Desirable Body’s the strongest thermogenic fat burner for faster slimming
  • Tighten and Tone body by burning excess fat
  • Elevated appetite control & metabolic stimulation



1 bottle of Super Thermo T5 Slimming Pills (60 capsules) purchase price of only  £ 29.95



Re: Active T5 Super Thermo Slimming Pills Ingredients:

Caffeine (200 mg), Naringin (50 mg), L- Tyrosine (170 mg), L- Tryptophan (35mg), Green Tea Extract (30mg), Vitamin B6 (1.4mg), Citrus Auranthium (30mg), Cayenne (20mg) and Magnesium Stearate.



Other Desirable Body Products:

Re:Active Raspberry Ketone Plus                                                 Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone is the consummate election for you if you are looking for an all natural supplement that will affect with your body to assists you burn fat. This amazing pills is an natural, organic phenolic compound that is the fundamental aroma substances of red raspberries. The crucial benefits of Re: Active Raspberry Ketone Plus intake: with added green tea and acai for extra detox, this capsules is becoming more popular amongst athletes and slimmers worldwide, very strong formula, demonstrated to burn more fat and produce slimming results.

One bottle of Re: Active Raspberry Ketone Plus costs only £ 29.85.


Re: Active Water Flow Reduces Water Retention    Desirable Body

Water Flow Reduces Water Retention, is an sensational product for people who have problems of retaining excess fluid. Water flow main benefits: decreases water and fluid retention rapidly and no side effects, works excellent with other weight loss supplements,  helps to sustain the regular and healthy fluid balance within the your body.

One bottle of Re: Active Water Flow Reduces Water Retention – 30 capsules costs £ 13.00


Re: Active Purecol Colon Cleanser            t5 fat burner

Re: Active Purecol Colon Cleanser is a process that has become more interesting in recent years owing to a larger awareness about the need for observance a healthy body. Colon cleanser main benefits: Cleanses toxins, enhances symptoms of bloating after meal, speeds up weight loss, excelent for pre- diet booster.

One bottle of Re: Active Purecol Colon Cleanser – 30 capsules costs £ 16.95



Buy T5 Slimming Pills on official Desirable Body website


Fitness Accessories

Fitness Accessories

  • Resistance Tubes L1 – £ 9.99 – gentle grip handles, leisurely strength workout and low resistance level
  • Resistance Tubes L2£ 12.99 – soft handles, lightweight strength training and medium resistance level
  • Dumbbell 3, 4, 5kg  – £ 11.99- 19.99  – sold singly, vinyl coated iron weights and weight: 3, 4 or 5 kg
  • Soft Grip Weights 0.5kg £ 12.99 – double foam covered dumbells, adjustable strap, weight o.5 kg
  • Gym Ball – 55 or 65 cm Magenta – £ 19.99- 24.99 – excelent for back exercises, sit ups & general fitness
  • 1kg Medicine Ball – £ 29.99 – natural rubber, two tone colour ball, diameter: 23 cm

T5 Slimming Pills are available trought the official website.

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