Omega Balance & Mega Omega Oil

 Omega Balance and Mega Omega Oil

Omega Balance

Omega Balance Omega Fish OilOmega Balance Capsules is a great strength fish oil giving a min. of 710
milligram Omega 3 for every 1000 milligram softgel. It is one of the highest
concentrations on the online market. Omega 3 is important an essential fatty
acid, which has been many people associated with the maintenance of a
circulation, healthy heart, and healthy joints. This extra strength softgel
provides an simple manner of boosting Omega 3 intake.

Omega Balance capsules contains a min. of 240 milligram and 360 milligram EPA
(optimal ratio of 3:2). Eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid are
both long chain fatty acids that have been proved to provide a large number of
general health benefits including the maintenance of normal cardiac, brain,
and eye function.

Many of clinical studies suggest that the use of DHA and EPA can benefit both body conditioning and sporting performance.

Omega Balance is created under the PureMax™ proprietary process. PureMax guarantees very high quality, potent and pure fish oils. PureMax™ is a original Omega 3 concentration and purification technology created through years of manufacturing experience. This process guarantees the highest quality fish oils by removing pollutants (dioxins,
heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides).

The main benefits of using Omega Balance:

  • High purity and potently fish omega oil

  • Over 28% DHA and 44% EPA

  • Puremax™ purification manufacturing process

Omega Balance Ingredients:

Purified Omega 3 Fish Oil, Softgel (Glycerol, Gelatin), and Vitamin E – antioxidant.

Free of: gluten, artificial colours, lactose, preservatives, starch, and yeast. No added sugar. No added salt.


Option 1: Buy 90 capsules of Omega Balance and pay £ 11.99

Option 2: Buy 250 capsules of Omega Balance and pay £ 24.64


Mega Omega Oil

Mega Omega OilMega Omega Oil is a mix of cold pressed Essential Fatty Acids sourced from
Pumpkin, Flax, Evening Primrose, Hemp, and Olive Oils. These extra quality
sources provide very high levels of the fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 9, which are
essential for general health, whilst particularly helping the maintenance of
normal joint, heart, and brain function.

Essential Fatty Acids are necessary substances that people can not synthesize.
They aid the immune, cardiovascular, nervous, and reproductive systems and
are required to repair and manufacture cell membranes. Thereby enabling your
cells to receive optimum nutrition.
Essential Fatty Acids deficiency is a frequent health problem owing to bad
nutrition choices meaning Mega Omega Oil is the perfect product for those people
whose diet lacks Omega oils.

Mega Omega Oil is quality source of Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Clinical studies also show that EFA can boost your metabolic rate and reduce the risk of heart disease. EFA appear to conserve carbohydrates for your energy level while at the same time burning fat.

The main benefits of using Mega Omega Oil:

  • Can help the body with fat loss
  • Rich source of Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Helps promote a number of bodily functions


Option 1: Buy one bottle of Mega Omega Oil (500 ml) and pay £ 14.99


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