The Advantages of Taking Meratol Slimming Pills May Include:

Meratol Slimming Pills

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  • Quicker metabolism
  • To Burn much more calories
  • To Increase body’s energy
  • Increase concentration and alertness
  • Block carbo- hydrate intake
  • Reduce appetite
  • Decrease calorie intake
  • Reduce fatigue


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What is Meratol Slimming Pills ?

It is a herbal natural weight loss addition for proper weight loss. This natural pills are categorized as a addition, not a medicine. The ingredients ingested in each pill of Meratol slimming pills are derived from natural plants. Meratol slimming pills is a blend of 4 natural  ingredients:


  1. Prickly pear extract-  antioxidant and a diuretic property
  2. Glycoprotein complex- derived from extract brown seaweed
  3. Capsiplex blend- blend of niacin, capsicum, piperine and caffeine
  4. Cactus extract- dried cactus leaves

First is prickly pear extract. Prickly pear extract is perfect a diuretic property and antioxidant. This ingridient prevents the your body from water retention. Prickly pear extract is also very good source of vitamins C and E.

Next is the glycoprotein complex. This complex contains trace elements, minerals and marine polyphenol. The glycoprotein complex allows metabolism to convert glucose and fat into energy. Complex reduce the absorption of carbo-hydrates by 82 percent. This ingredient is  proven effective and safe and no side health’s effects.

The Capsiplex blend consists of caffeine, piperine, capsicum and niacin. Caffeine is helpful to induce body’s metabolism. Piprine increases absorption of other important parts of this pills. Capsicum increases body’s possibility to burn fats. Niacin is very important to reduce cholesterol in the your body.

Next is the Cactus extract. This ingridiens is made up of  cactus leaves. Cactus extract has lipohilic properties. Cactus Extract has a very good effect to blood lipid parameters and so reduces the risk of getting a cardiovascular diseases. Extract allows synthesis of HDL (High-density lipoprotein), which is a positive cholesterol in the your body.




How to Use Meratol ?

Regularity is most important in weight loss while using meratol slimming pills. Meratol valorize its result on correct use. should be consume once in a one day with breakfast. 1 month supply of this pills contains thirty capsules.

Advanced Health

Medical Studies!

You only can to see a look at the ingredients which are backed up by three studies proving  it to be effective for slimming.

Clinical Study One:       Evaluation Of Cacti Nea’s Diuretic Effect

The results of the study proved:

  • Control of fat mass gain
  • Effective results on a population between 20 and 25 years
  • Blood pressure- No side effect
  • Great help for moderate weight loss
  • Preserved mineral level


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Clinical Study Two: Evaluation Of ID- Alg’s Weight

This study was successful and confirms a complete extent of management- weight features of ID-a IG:

Clinical Study Three: Capsaicinoids and Red Pepper Studies

  • Carbohydrate oxidation was enough higher  in the red pepper diet
  • Lipid oxidation quite lower in the red pepper diet
  • The addition of pepper notably increased lipid- oxidation in the  meal
  • Notably decreased the carbo- hydrate oxidation in the HC meals
  • Increased lipid oxidation
  • Increased both diet thermogenesis

Advanced Health LTD
This natural pills can support  speed up metabolism, increase exercise endurance and athletic body’s performance. Meratol Slimming Pills can help increase alertness and concentracion.

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