Do you want to grow your hair back?

Groei360 is the revolutionary product for you…

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Groei360 –  What is it?

Groei 360 is an easy to use hair regrowth spray that promises not only to regrow your order but also increase hair thickness by up to 200%

We had heard some great reviews of this product so we thought we would try it out.

Groei 360 delivers!

What we especially loved about it was their non-stick solution, so we could use it with our hairdryer and hair spray etc. and style our hair like we normally do! No one knew we were using it.

What Groei360 claims:

  • Reverse hair thinning and hair loss
  • Increase the blood circulation of the scalp
  • Return the imbalanced flora to a natural healthy state
  • Supply the scalp with the vital nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants for continued hydration

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Supported by clerical evidence:

Groei 360 does not only claim to regrow hair and thicken it with a 60 day back guarantee… it is also backed up by clerical evidence:

SEM Study

An independent study showed that groei 360 thickened hair by 200% in only 4 months…

As you can see from the study, when the study began, the hair was weak and had no pigmentation then throughout the course of the treatment and moving to image 4, you can see that the follicle has gained strength and has almost double in size… 200% increase!

Where to Buy Groei360

Groei 360 does not claim to be an overnight fix for hair loss but the results are undeniable, see below to some of the great results users have had…

We have heard that the re-order rate of this product is 90%, so it shows how quickly customers are noticing a difference in their hair condition.

Before and after grow hair

Groei360 – Ingredients

*Your bit with the ingredients* – check website for up to date listings.

Groei 360

What option to purchase…

As stated, Groei 360 has a re-order rate of around 90% which means most first time buyers are purchasing the One month option (Get 1 Free) for around £39.99 or $63. Then they re-purchase the 4 or 6 month options

We would recommend the bulk saving of purchasing the 6 month option. You receive 6 months FREE!!

This means you will get enough product for the full treatment of 9 x 21 days (21 days is the cycle of the scalp). Groei360 state that their full treatment is 9 stages of this cycle.

Then after this you would enter into a maintenance programme, so the 6 months with 6 months FREE is the perfect package.

6 months + 6 months FREE

Order 6 months

4 months + 2 free

order 4 months

1 month + 1 month free

order 1 month

Special Offer

Order today and we can offer you a special 10% off!!!!

Simply enter “MN1” into the discount code on the checkout page.

This is limited to only the next few customers so hurry…

Click here to order GROEI 360 today

Click here to order GROEI360 today

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