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Adiphene is a scientifically proven weight loss supplement. This supplement helps losing weight quickly because of its especially designed ingredients for boost our metabolism. Apart from stimulating the metabolism, the supplement also

  • Reduces fat absorption
  • Reduces carbohydrate absorption
  • Increases energy levels
  • Allows users to feel more energetic
  • Works as a fat inhibitor
  • Reduces the appetite of the user

Five stimulants are and two thermogenic ingredients are included in Adiphene – they are the ones that provide the user with the metabolism boosting experience eventually leading to weight loss.

Adiphene Ingredients

The five stimulants contained in the formula are:

Bitter orange was approved as the best possible thermogenic substitute and an appetite suppressant after the Food and Drug administration banned a substance called ephedra. There is also a study published in 2002 Journal of Medicine proving bitter orange to be the best replacement for a potent diet.

Chromium picolinate is an ingredient that speeds the breakdown of glucose and fat by increasing the sensitivity of the body’s insulin receptors. In most foods consumed in high levels in American diet Chromium is removed during processing. It is important because it increases the efficiency of insulin, which is involved in determining how much fat is stored in the body.

Guarana Extract originates mainly from a small bean found mostly in South America. High rates of caffeine contained in Guarana enable the extract of this plant to have an impact on metabolic rates, suppressing the appetite and enhancing physical and mental performance. What Guarana does to help weight loss is that it stimulates certain hormones from the adrenal glands making the body burn more stored fat, which makes it a powerful weight loss aid.

Not only does Guarana help lose excess pounds, but it also works as a mental alertness and energy levels booster helping fight fatigue and increases stamina. Being a different formula, Guarana is absorbed more slowly that other types of caffeine which provides it with a longer period of affecting our bodies.

Ginseng panax root extract 10% is a herb believed to affect the metabolism of carbohydrates ultimately aiding the management of blood sugar levels. The Phytotherapy Research Journal reported it to be a substance found in ginseng with the capacity to inhibit differentiation in the cells that store fat as energy.

Cacao extract is known to impede fat storage and raise the absorption of fat. The Journal of Agriculture and Food recently published a study stating that Cocoa contains properties that could potentially work as digestion inhibitors for fats and carbohydrates.

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The two thermogenic ingredients are:

Cinnamon extract is an ingredient proven to reduce insulin resistance and blood glucose levels sustained during fasting by a number of studies. Abdominal fat is an association for both of these. T he glycemic effect of a meal is also proven to be lowered by Cinnamon. This means that Cinnamon prevents a spike in blood sugar levels by helping the meal taken be absorbed more slowly.

Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G is a highly-concentrated substance; an activator allowing the Adiphene ingredients to be incorporated in the body in the potentially best way for gaining the best results. Hot chilies contain Capsicum, as one of their ingredients. Capsicum increases the body’s core temperature and enables the heat from the chilies to force the body work harder to cool itself down thus making it burn more calories in the process – nearly 300 extra calories per day. 

The fat metabolizers in Adiphene are:

Glucomannan is an appetite suppressant which increases in size by absorbing water thus filling the stomach and giving a sense of fullness.

Chitosan is known a s fat-snatcher. It prevents the absorption of fats by snatching and holding the fats located in the stomach after which it carries them through through the digestive system until they are eliminated by the body.

Adiphene incorporates three fat metabolizers, including Vitamin B6, L-carnitine HCL, and ginger root extract.

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Directions for Use

To see results with Adiphene:

Take one capsule with 8 oz. of water, 20 minutes before breakfast

One capsule with 8 oz. of water, 20 minutes before lunch

The optimum time for Adiphene consumption is three months for this is the period most bodies require to adopt and make big changes for their metabolisms. Physical exercise is not required during this period in order to achieve results, though better results are found with users taking Adiphene and simultaneously exercising.

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